Royal Sedang 1888

Small Batch Gin

Royal Sedang embodies Viet Nam with the aromas and flavors of Lemongrass, Jasmine Tea and Lime along with the distillation expertise dating back to 1870. A slow and considered maceration and reduction process gives Royal Sedang its depth and finess.

Royal Sedang begins life with a pure wheat spirit made with care in the Distillerie de Fontagard in the heart of Cognac. The wheat distillate gives the Gin a solid yet silky base on which to build.

Organic Juniper is sourced from Hungary while the remaining botanicals are all selected from Vietnam a country well known for its aromatic botanicals. The ginger is painstakingly hand sliced on an antique slicer before being distilled. Jasmin, lychee and corrainder seeds are also distilled seperatly while the lime and lemongrass are distilled together all done slowly between 24 and 48 hours.

The distillates are then blended by hand and the alcohol is cut using pure local spring water from the Cognac region over a very long period ensuring the integration of flavours before being bottled.

Royal Sedang is the meeting of French and Vietnamese cultures, seen through the adventure of Charles Marie de Mayrena. He became the last French King after being elected by local Vietnamese tribes as Chief of the
Kingdom of Sedang in 1888. Charles Marie was a great lover of Indochina and its culture, where he spent the rest of his life after marrying a Vietnamese lady. Charles Marie was also a great gin lover, as told in books about his incredible life.

Name Royal Sedang Small Batch Gin
Category Gin
Sub Category Compound
Alcohol Content 42.2% abv 84.4% Proof
Bottle Capacity 500ml
Base Spirit Wheat Grain Neutral Spirit
Botanicals Juniper, Lemongrass, Lime, Lychee, Jasmin, Ginger, Corriander Seed
Type of Barrel NA
Age NA
Distillery Name Fontagard
Type of Still Copper alembics
Brand of Still
Capacity of Still 5000 liters
Name of Still
Master Distiller
Region Cognac
Post Code
Country of Origin France
Phone Number
wesite https://royalsedanggin.com/
Signature Serve

Gold Medal: China Wine & Spirits Awards 2019

  • Distillerie de Fontagard is where Rémy Martin and Courvoisier is distilled

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