Electric Spirit Co. Achroous Gin

Electric Spirit Co. Achroous Gin

There’s a boatload of gin out there right now. We know. Achroous was born to stand out – both in flavour and by design.

Created with the heart and backbone of a London dry, it’s a rich, grown-up spirit, made with a unique blend of seven carefully chosen botanicals.

The end result is an electrifying, multi award-winning riff on a classic gin.

There are seven botanicals in Achroous. It doesn’t need more than that. The first five are the backbone. They’re what make it a proper, lip-smacking gin, with all the delicious bitterness and body that entails. The last two are the wildcards. They bring their own unique quirks to the aroma and flavour of the spirit, transforming it into something pretty phenomenal.

Distilling achromous involves a complex mix of chemistry and physics, as well as the consumption of about 6 cups of good quality coffee. Production takes place on a 500 litre still, and can be broken down to a few key steps.

First off, all seven of the botanicals are weighed out according to the recipe. The ingredients in achroous are all added at the same time, so are weighed out together.

The still is then turned on. once at temperature, the ethanol evaporates, carrying the flavours and aromas of the botanicals up the still, and into the distillate.

At the start and end of the run, unwanted flavours and aromas are captured in the heads and the tails. These parts of the distillate are not used in the finished gin.

The middle part of the distillation run – the hearts – contains all the essential oils required to make Achroous. Once collected, it is blended down to 41% abv for bottling.